Pet Food Myth Busters #2: What is high proportion of fresh meat?

In order to meet with the actual biological needs, not only the content amount of protein, minerals, fat, vitamins, carbohydrate and water, but the formula emphasizes on whether can these nutrition be absorbed by the body properly and without causing burden to the body.

Focus on the source of protein is important in our formulas, because the essential amino acids can only be obtained from the foods, e.g. cat’s essential amino acids are mostly from animal protein. Therefore, we formulate with a high proportion of animal proteins to provide sufficient amount of amino acids. Furthermore, due to the amino acids is provided from different protein sources, we develop multi-meat source solution, using different fresh meat to provide more various meat sources in our foods.

Q: Despite the season and environmental reasons, is loss of hair and skin itchiness led by the poor nutrition in the dog or cat food?

A: Skin and coat is the organ that requires the most protein demand, about 30% of their daily intake. Lack of any cat and dog's required amino acids will emerge the problem on their skin and coat.


Within the guaranteed analysis, protein is an indicator, but it is not a good one, because it does not give you an overview of the protein source and the content of amino acids.

While there are many marketing trends, hypes and influencers on the internet, and they are not usually scientifically evidence-based. Feeding pets with high protein may not be an ideal solution, because

  • Plant-based foods can’t provide sufficient amount of amino acids for both dog and cat, in particular some legume are found to contain anti-nutritional factor to interfere with absorption.
  • Dogs are found to be more omnivores nowadays, they are able to absorb various nutrition from different ingredients, such as fruits, vegetables, grain and many others. However, dogs still require various animal protein the most in their daily diet.
  • Cats are still carnivores, as we mentioned above, most of their essential amino acids are obtained from animal protein. Meat is still their major source of nutrition, therefore they need various meat sources.
  • Be aware to the liver, kidney problems and senior pets, high level protein diets can be harmful, you should always consult with your veterinarian.

No matter you have a dog or cat, your pet food decision should always stick with animal protein as their 1st ingredients, and a range of vegetable and fruit is also beneficial to their health. It is believed that modern pet lifestyles have been very different than before, our pets change along with our human lifestyles. Therefore, pets should have balance diet from different source of ingredients, more importantly always keep a high proportion of animal protein.


High proportion of fresh meat
All Real Power's pet food formulas are made with various source of protein from various type of fresh meat.

Our dog foods consist with 75% ~ 79% fresh meat, likewise cat foods consist with 130% ~ 140% fresh meats. Which means that every 100g of our kibble is able to restore 75g ~ 79g of fresh meat and 130g ~ 140g of fresh meat in our cat food.

Multi-meat source solution

This technique combines at least 3 types of fresh meat together into our kibbles, so the high proportion of variety of protein source satisfy pets nutritional needs.

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Overall, the doubt to protein, our medical nutrition have more concern over the protein content in our ingredients to satisfy every pet's needs. The integration of the finest ingredient is one of the essential foundations in our formula. Real Power always ensures the quality of all ingredient's sources from the premium quality.


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