• Especially selected by RealPower
    Haematococcus pluvialis from the Iceland is the purest source of Astaxanthin.

  • The antioxidant capacity of Astaxanthin is 100 times more than vitamin E,
    and 6000 times more than vitamin C!
    Effectively help fight against the free radicals damage to pets.

  • Double fish oil complex formula,
    The Omega-3 level of Real Mega Fish Oil daily portion
    Equals to 110g of salmon! (5kg small breed adult dog as example)

  • It is proven scientifically that Hydrolyzed Lecithin can promote
    the absorption of unsaturated fatty acids!

  • I have been searching fish oil with excellent palatability and support skin health for my picky Shiba Inu. After continuous suppling of Real Mega fish oil, his skin condition has become stable and no more itchiness! The most important thing is there is no horrible fishy smell, but a nice smell of natural salmon. Real Mage fish oil become my must-add for my dog’s daily diets!

  • My cat Bibo is on fresh petfood, so supplements are needed. There are tons of supplements has already been thrown away because of my picky cat. But after I gave him Real Mega fish oil, he is happy to eat and finish every drips! I noticed his fur become shiner after a month, and no more tear stains during the season changing. So happy to meet Real Mega fish oil!

  • Q1. Do I need to add if my pet is eating REAL POWER?

    A1. REAL POWER pet food contains sufficient Omega-3. For those parents wish to provide more cares, we would suggest supplying half amount of daily feeding guideline. Welcome contact us for any questions or special condition.

  • Q2. What is the source of Astaxanthin you use?

    A2. REAL POWER selects Haematococcus pluvialis to use in our fish oil. The Astaxanthin amount that can be extracted from Haematococcus pluvialis is higher than krill and is purer as well. We do not use krill-source Astaxanthin to protect our environment while caring our pets.

  • Q3. What’s the difference between Real Mega #MarineEssenceFishOil and general fish oil?

    1. Using double fish oil complex formula with specific DHA & EPA ratio, it provides an excellent percentage for tropical and subtropical dogs and cats.
    2. Few pets fish oil in the market that guarantee DPA amount. It is proven that DPA can help reduce platelet agglutination, support fat oxidation, and able to relieve chronic inflammation.
    3. Using Astaxanthin and Vitamin-E as double natural antioxidants, which can prevent oxidation of oil and provide synergistic effect with fish oil.
    4. Lecithin is natural emulsifier, which can help improve fish oil absorption, and reduce loose stool or diarrhea caused by too much oil intake. Furthermore, the lecithin selected by REAL POWER has higher effectiveness than general one.

Product includes:

☆ Real Mega Fish Oil - Marine Essence 100 ml x1 bottle

Durable Life:

☆ 18 Months

Storage Method:

☆ Store in a cool dry place, and finish within 60 days after open.

Best Before Date:

☆ Printed on the box.

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