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Dog food No.1 PRAIRIE Lamb

Shiny fur with Real Power

My dog's allergy improved. Now, her skin is very firm and has shiny fur. She does not shed as much during rainy seasons! Her skin rashes is also better now. My dog is all good to go with Real Power.
Dog food No.2 FOREST Chicken

My dog's favorite

My dog does not have tear stains around the eyes anymore. His excretion and digestion improved a lot. Stools are now in normal condition. Real Power's dog food is now my dog's favorite food.
Dog food No.3 OCEAN Salmon

Skin improved significantly!

My dog used to have really bad skin allergies, so her fur was very thin. After eating Real Power's dog food, her fur has become very full and thick. Her skin condition also improved significantly!
Dog food No.3 OCEAN Salmon

Skin is not itchy anymore

My dog's skin used to be really itchy and has very little fur. His fur has now completely grown back and his skin is not too itchy anymore. My dog likes every dog food formulas from Real Power.
Dog food No.5 LAKE Turtle

The best I've ever tired!

After eating Real Nature Recipe Dog Food No. 5, my dog's itchiness reduced and her fur grew out more. My dog no longer has to go to the vet to get vaccination treatment for itchiness.
Dog food No.5 LAKE Turtle

Skin improved a lot

My dog used to have a lot of danders and his skin used to be very itchy and red because he suffered from atopic dermatitis. His skin improved a lot after eating Real Power's food.
Cat food No.2 FOREST Chicken

Love Real Power!

My cat is usually a picky eater, but he just loves Real Power's cat food. He does not vomit hairball anymore too. His excretion and digestion are also great.
Cat food No.2 FOREST Chicken

Good for digestive health!

Ben used to have a sensitive stomach and intestine. Ben also used to have loose stool, but all these changed after he took Real Power.
Cat food No.2 FOREST Chicken

Picky cat also loves it!

My cat used to have loose stools, but now her stool condition has improved a lot. She also seems more active after eating Real Power's cat food. I definitely recommend this product to others.
Cat food No.3 OCEAN Salmon

Fluffy & shiny

After eating Real Power's cat food, his fur has become very thick and soft. Furthermore, his eyes are now very clear and no longer with tear stains around his eye.
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