Hypoallergenic pet food formulas are food formulas that have a lower risk of stimulating allergic reactions in pets. Therefore, hypoallergenic food will not contain products that are at high-risk for provoking allergies. Most importantly, hypoallergenic pet food formulas should be manufactured with delicate selections of ingredients.

Hydrolyzed Ingredients

REAL POWER’s functional formulas are infused with hydrolyzed ingredients that have undergone through the hydrolysis process to break down large molecules into smaller molecules that facilitate absorption and reduces allergies. Hydrolyzed ingredients containing small molecules lower the likelihood of triggering allergic reactions in pets.

Furthermore, many common food allergens such as wheat and soy are omitted from all range of REAL POWER pet food formulas. We provide hypoallergenic pet food formulas to decrease the tendency and control for allergies in pets.

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