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Two passionate students began their journey together in animal nutrition.

Back in 25 years ago when university students Edward and Tony met and got to know each other, they shared similar intentions and strong passion in the Animal Nutrition field, thus have become good friends since then.

After graduation, Edward and Tony both joined the biggest, world-famous animal nutrition group in Taiwan contributing their enthusiasm. Either conducting further research and studies or pursuing higher achievements overseas in the related industrial fields, they have been devoted themselves wholeheartedly in Animal Nutrition for over a decade.

Get to Know Paw Parents

Figuring out a surprising fact at that time.

During the time, Tony has also become a professional dog breeder who has won lots of dog show awards locally and internationally. While Edward, who has various competences in R&D and marketing, as a senior netizen, he has been using his knowledge, background, and experiences, answering every kind of paw parents’ questions online, supporting pet’s health from nutritional perspective.

The more Edward talked with those paw parents, the more he found out what really concerned them. Due to the sub-tropical weather in Taiwan, many parents are worried about the skin allergies problems of their pets. Though tons of western brands for choices with no Taiwanese brand stands out, none of them could help deal with their problems and even not suitable for pets with lifestyles in urban areas like Taiwan.

Determination & Begin

Edward and Tony determined to start their own brand "REAL POWER".

Upon seeing this situation and with encouragements from lots of breeders and paw parents, Edward and Tony therefore decided to establish a pet food brand supporting general paw parents’ issues whereas they have already developed food of show dog grade for Tony’s dogs, they never made it accessible to the public before.

Based on the concept of Medical Nutrition Therapy and improvements of their previous show-grade formulation, they aim to utilize nutrients from the natural ingredients combined with functional ones to improve well-being of pets. With knowledge of each raw material’s features and through careful formulation to make the most use of its strengths and not be affected by other ingredients at the same time.

REAL POWER then born in 2013, a pet food brand suitable for what nowadays pets’ actual needs and for their optimal overall health.

Success & Continue

With success in Taiwan,
REAL POWER will continue its story with more pets around the world.

With the success of helping paw parents to regain their pet’s health in Taiwan, REAL POWER has also expanded its footprint to other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, etc. Formulating functional food based on local weather, environment and pet’s lifestyle, we have gained tens of thousands of trusts from paw parents till now and still working hard to serve more pets and make REAL POWER visible all over the world.

We believe “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Through improving pets' daily diets, REAL POWER supports better wellness and prevents possible health concerns. Since pets are our valuable family members, they always deserve the best.

The POWER of food meets the REAL needs of pets!


RealPower Nutrition is a Taiwanese company founded in mid-2013 by professional nutritionists with more than ten years of experience working in animal nutrition field.

With an in-depth knowledge of pet nutrition needs, we provide high-quality products tailored to every difference in nutritional requirements and conditions of your pet's needs.

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