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Real Power Pet Food was established in 2013 by a company RealPower Nutrition in Taiwan. It is a company consisting of animal nutritionists from Taiwan with many years of experience in nutrition filed.

Founders of RealPower have years of animal nutrition experience in Taiwan and overseas.

One of the founders who are also specialized in animal nutrition has won numerous awards as a professional breeder who has been breeding multiple dogs for over 20 years.

RealPower is the only company in Taiwan pet food industry consisting of animal nutritionists when founded.

Focus on pet animal nutrition from the very beginning, RealPower launches products which really meet pet's nutrition needs, and it is gaining attention not only from Taiwan but also overseas.

Real Power is a holistic "next-generation pet food (functional food)" that replenishes nutrition by blending new functional ingredients that exceed basic elements based on nutritional therapy*. Functional ingredients are used in formulation including Chelate Minerals, Multiple Enzymes, Prebiotic, Fibers, Probiotics, Omega-3 Fatty Acids (DHA/EPA), Collagen Peptides, etc.

Accurately calculate the nutritional requirements of modern dogs and cats based on nutritional therapy, blending high-quality meat source proteins and functional ingredients in ideal proportions, not only providing satiation, but also satisfying all aspects of health requirements. We thoroughly support the lifelong health of our furry companion.

Studies have shown that having functional food as a daily diet provides more health benefits than normal food such as digestive health, skin quality, joint care, and alleviation and alleviation of allergic symptoms and inflammation.

*Nutritional therapy:
Nutritional therapy does not rely only on chemically synthesized medicine that might have side effects, but by using supplements and functional ingredients, it supplies nutrients in optimal amounts (suitable amounts) and changes to a state in which the functions of the living body can be fully exerted. Efficient intake of high concentrations of nutrients condition the body at the molecular level, and enhances the natural homeostasis, the self-healing power of oneself.

Real Power accurately calculates the nutritional needs of dogs and cats based on nutritional therapy, and combines natural ingredients and sufficient nutritional supplements to avoid malnutrition and hidden hunger. A continuous intake will help strengthen the immune system and support overall health. Functional peptides which balance intestinal bacteria improve absorption of nutrients, and make your pet healthier and more energetic. Therefore, continuous use for at least 6-12 weeks is recommended.
We do not use any genetically modified ingredients such as corn, corn gluten, and soy, which are often used for therapeutic foods (including ordinary foods). The safety of genetically modified raw materials is unknown, and the problem of pesticide residues has been pointed out.
All Real Power formulas are tested by international third party analysis institution such as SGS periodically, and the results of all the carcinogenic antioxidants are all undetected, no problems.
All Real Power Functional Pet Food formulas are formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog/Cat Food Nutrition Profiles for all life stages, including growth, maintenance, and reproduction.
No. Real Power products use nutritional supplements to support pets’ health.
Also, our products do not contain medicines of any kind. Please follow the vet’s feeding suggestion for sick pets or pet with health issues.

With the completion of our new plant equipped with the latest and most advanced facilities, we have adopted nitrogen gas filling system instead of the oxygen absorber packing that we had used in the past.

Food grade nitrogen gas is used when food is filling and packing into the bags.
By filling food with the nitrogen gas, there are several benefits which are
(1) Prevention of oxidation;
(2) Prevention of unusual and strange odors due to oxidation;
(3) Keeping the food fresh as much as possible before it is opened.

Hydrolyzed protein is a protein which molecule weight has been reduced by a process called hydrolysis. When hydrolyzed, large molecule proteins are transformed into small molecule proteins (small peptides).

Hydrolyzed proteins (small peptides) become "functional peptides" that can help alleviate allergic reactions and help digestion.

"Functional peptides" not only support digestion, but also contribute to the inhibition of harmful bacterial growth, keep intestinal cilia healthy, and are expected to support beneficial bacterial growth and improve immune balance.

Not only does hydrolyzed protein nourish the original protein and improve its function, but it is also easily absorbed by the body, which promotes efficient use of the protein.

The hydrolyzed protein is, for example, "digested before it is eaten", so it is absorbed quickly in the intestine, and it is already decomposed into the amino acid state, so it is easy to digest.

*Hydrolysis technology is also commonly applied to human baby milk powder and protein powder used by athletes.

■ About hydrolysis method
There are three main methods of hydrolysis.
1. Hydrothermal decomposition: Decomposition by boiling protein in hot water
2. Acid decomposition: Protein is decomposed using hydrochloric acid etc.
3. Enzymatic degradation: Decompose protein using enzymes such as protease

*Real Power uses the third method Enzymatic Hydrolysis.
This method has the specificity of being able to break down [specific unwanted proteins] into [specific peptides needed].

Allergies are caused by a variety of reasons including environmental pollution, bacteria, vaccinations, antibiotics, fleas, mites, pollen, and food.

Most of the allergies caused by food is
Hypersensitivity reaction is likely to occur in proteins contained in the diet, especially proteins with large structures (high molecular weight proteins).

Food allergies are hypersensitivity reactions to foods that are supposed to be harmless, and are mistakenly recognized as foreign substances to induce an “immune reaction”.

Hydrolyzed proteins are small molecules (functional peptides) that reduce the chance of immune overreaction, thus reduce the chance of causing an allergic reaction.

Hydrolyzed proteins (functional peptides) that exhibit unique bioactive functions during digestion in the digestive tract have a faster digestion and absorption rate than large-molecule proteins and can smoothly absorb nutrients.

It also reduces the digestive burden on dogs and cats with a short intestine and supports the maintenance of gastrointestinal health.

Peptides have various functions such as blood pressure regulation, mineral absorption promotion, cholesterol regulation, and immune regulation.

The secret of the shape is to support the oral health and hygiene of dogs and cats.

In consideration for jaw health of dogs and cats, we especially design density of the kibble, when pets chew on the kibble the pressure is similar to the pressure when chewing bone. By doing oral muscle training like this every day, even your pet turns into senior, they can still have strength to chew on kibble.

Thus, we also encourage pets to chew and crumble kibble themselves. For junior dogs and cats whose teeth is not completely developed, you may add warm water (around 40-50 Celsius) which is about the same weight of the food, and wait 3-5 mins till the surface of the kibble get soften, then enjoy!

When chewing, the donut shape is crumbled into half, making it a suitable size for all breed of size. In addition, the small pieces of kibble help scrape tartar, along with regular tooth brushing to support oral health. Also, there is a layer of natural antioxidants such as green tea extract on the surface of kibble to prevent bad breath!

For distinction, the dog food is a round donut shape, the cat food has a heart-shaped design.

The probiotics that enter the digestive system first reach the stomach. Only acid-resistant probiotics can then enter the intestine to build a beneficial flora and take care of the intestinal environment.

(Those do not have acid resistance die due to digestive juices such as stomach acid, and can hardly reach the intestines.)

The special probiotics along with other heat-sensitive nutrients are sprayed on Real Power all series of dog food and cat food kibble after pet food extrusion to avoid any heat damage to those precious nutrients.

The coated probiotics reach the intestines alive, have good fixability, and have excellent acid and heat resistance.

With 12 billion probiotics formulated by our animal nutritionists, you don't need to add any probiotic supplements.

You may directly change your pet’s food to Real Power without needing to mix with former feeds.
Healthy pets can be have our any formula in rotation. We recommend that you rotate each formula regularly to optimize your overall health.

For example, when the formula of No.1 2KG is over, ➡ No.2 2KG formula, ➡ No.3 2KG formula…

◇ Rotation based on bag is recommended.

※Note that each formula contains nutrients that are well-balanced for all pets, and the ratio of supplements is optimal, so mixing different formulas is not recommended since it may cause nutritional imbalance or conflicts.

You can mash the kibbles or/and add warm water (~40-50°C) which is about the same weight of the food to soften the kibbles. Then, mix them evenly and set aside for about 3-5 minutes. Enjoy!

Generally, grain allergies are not common for dogs, they do not need grain-free foods in terms of their physiological structure and digestive enzymes. Nordic experts also say that dogs have developed the digestive capacity of starch during the evolution of modern dogs.

Real Power dog food is not grain free, the grain we use in our dog food is “Whole Polished Penglai Rice”.

Read more: Nutritionist’s Words on Grain-free & DCM

Compare to other grains, rice is a grain that has relatively low risk of allergy.
Most of the allergens are attached on the husk of grains while rice has been polished already, the husk has been removed.
So, please rest assured about this.

According to our research and resources, there is no indication that glucosamine and chondroitin pose a health problem or harm to puppies. We also reviewed AAFCO's Dog Food Nutrient Profiles, but do not mention these additional nutrients as they are only "minimum standards". (There is no mention that it is not necessary for puppies.)

In addition, glucosamine and chondroitin are essential elements for dog growth. Many ingredients are natural sources of glucosamine, such as green mussels and scallops.

Also, as a feature, Real Power Pet Food does not add materials that contain "MSM" to glucosamine or chondroitin. The reason is that some glucosamine products on the market add "MSM," a type of pain-relieving chemical.

Taking MSM from a very young age may result in a low sensitivity to painful stimuli, which is not good for dogs because when they finally start feeling pain the situation might be serious already.

The glucosamines and chondroitins we use are super premium level and some pet foods do not add this type of ingredient to reduce costs.

Glucosamine and chondroitin, used in Real Nature, are safe for dogs of all life stages. Rest assured that we are carefully researching and managing the quality and amount of ingredients used to optimize the health of dogs.

Protein, which is one of the three major nutrients, is a very important nutrient that constitutes the body such as muscles and bones, organs, skin, hair and blood vessels. Protein is essential for humans and animals, but that does not mean that we should ingest protein without limitation. Proper intake is important, but the most important thing is "is the protein ingested with good quality"?

"Good quality protein" refers to a protein that contains a good balance of "essential amino acids" that cannot be produced in the body. Protein is divided into "animal" that can be obtained from meat and fish, and "vegetable" that can be obtained from wheat, soybeans, corn, etc.

Both are protein, but animal protein (high quality meat) has a high proportion of "essential amino acids" and contains a good balance of amino acids and essential fatty acids necessary for dogs and cats.

Real Power provides genuine, high quality meat with high digestibility and excellent amino acid balance in consideration of the health of your dog/cat. The premium protein we use is animal protein, not a plant protein source such as wheat, soybeans or corn, or any other low-quality protein source.

Furthermore, Real Power uses not only one kind of meat but various kinds of meat that is combined and mixed to balance the amino acid level and efficiently supply protein to the body.

Also, if you look at the REAL POWER Real Nature Recipe Dog Food nutritional analysis, the protein content is 25-26.5%. Average nutritional protein in dog foods is about 20-30%, and above 30% is usually considered "high protein" dog food.

In general, Real Nature Recipe dog food does not belong to the high protein category and it is an ideal nutritionally balanced premium pet food that uses only high-quality fresh meat.

In modern veterinary research “The effects of proteins on the kidneys, poor quality protein may damage the kidneys of dogs. The most important thing is not to reduce the amount of protein but supply high-quality proteins.” To maintain the health of the kidneys, instead of continuing to provide (poor quality) low protein or foods with extremely low protein content, focusing on nutritional balance and quality, and looking for appropriate amount of high quality animal protein for dog health.

Unless your dog has serious kidney problems (chronic renal failure, uremia, etc.) and your veterinarian tells you to adjust your protein intake, in general, a good high-protein diet is healthy and natural for dogs.

―Senior dog and protein―

Recent studies have shown that healthy senior dogs require more protein than young, healthy adult dogs.
〈A study comparing protein requirements in 2-year-old and 13-year-old beagle found that senior dogs need at least 50% more dietary protein. 〉

According to the AKC (American Kennel Club), protein is especially important for senior dogs whose muscle mass is decreasing due to aging.
Even with exercise, senior dogs tend to lose muscle mass, which means losses in protein reserves.
Loss of protein reserves also means the body may not have enough amino acids for tissue repair and energy metabolism.
Loss of muscle tissue and accumulated proteins can impair the immune system and reduce the body's ability to respond to physical trauma, infectious agents, or stress.
Thus, it is said that the senior diet needs to increase the ratio of protein to calories and provide at least 25% more calories from protein.

Based on above, Real Power Real Nature Recipe dog food, which can provide high quality protein with high digestibility and excellent amino acid balance, is ideal for senior dogs.

Real Power Real Nature Recipe Dog Food is an all-life stage food (for all ages), you can give it according to the pet’s situation and physical condition. We also have Real Nature Recipe Dog Food for Junior which provides sufficient nutrient for fast-growing puppy and junior dog.
Also, you can soften the kibble with warm water if your pet has difficulties to chew.
State-of-the-art western and oriental animal nutrition meets the needs of your dogs and cats.

REAL POWER Real Nature Recipe Dog Food is intended to keep dog healthy, but not to lose weight by lowering nutrients which might have negative effects for dogs. We add specific amount of L-carnitine in our No.2 & 4 formula to promote fat burning during exercise and supports muscle growth. In addition, low GI ingredients such as oats, flaxseed and beet are good dietary fibers to increase the degree of saturation, which prevents overeating.

Since there are individual differences, please give the feeding amount that suits your pet.

The exclusive blend of Taiwan's high-quality ingredients, Softshell turtle meat and egg, which are cultivated for human use. Taiwanese softshell turtle meat and eggs are very valuable and nutritious ingredients that are also used in Chinese Traditional Medicine. They contain essential amino acids, as well as natural nutrients such as collagen, omega-3, lecithin, minerals, and vitamins. Taiwanese softshell turtle is a new type of protein for dogs, so it is expected to be a super hypoallergenic formula for dogs.

Also, by mixing functional ingredients, this formula supports the health of the heart and joints.
*Cardiac Care: By incorporating coenzyme Q10, tryptophan, folic acid, etc., help strengthening the cardiac health, preventing arteriosclerosis, and reducing the risk of heart disease.
*Bone and joint support: Collagen peptide, glucosamine, chondroitin, and deep-sea anchovy fish oil are added to alleviate joint inflammation and promote healthy bones and joints.

It is especially recommended for seniors, dogs with heart or joint problems, severe allergies, and pets requiring postoperative recovery.

Dog body system need to find a new balance to adjust imbalanced hormone after neutering.
As a result, the weight increases due to side effects such as increased appetite. REAL POWER Real Nature Recipe No.4 is formulated with zinc, chondroitin and chelated minerals with a special calculation to maintain a good endocrine balance and alleviate the adverse effects for neutered dogs. Recommended for dogs after castration/contraception and also suitable for emotionally anxious dogs.


1. Real Nature Recipe cat food is formulated with superfood quinoa, which is a nutrient-dense ingredient providing essential amino acids for cats.

2. No beans are used in all series of Real Power. We do not use high GI starch such as potatoes, cassava meal, etc.

3. Real Power uses a unique multi-meat solution that combines different fresh meats to provide a more diverse source of meat in the food.

Many owners think that high protein is always the main factor when choosing a product to keep their cat's health.
But are all the proteins good for cats?

The answer is “NO”.

The reason is
First, proteins are composed of many amino acids. Amino acids can be classified into "essential amino acids" that cannot be made in the body and "non-essential amino acids" that are able to be made in the body.

The “essential amino acids” that cannot be synthesized in the body must be obtained from food proteins. The types of essential amino acids required differ between carnivorous animals (cats) and omnivorous animals (humans).

Cats do not produce enough arginine, lysine, taurine, methionine, etc. Lack of these can seriously affect the body and immune function and can lead to more serious illness. Also, the “appropriate amino acid ratio” is important. Inadequate long-term amino acid ratio is one of the causes of disease in cats.

Vegetable proteins such as beans cannot provide "essential amino acids" but also include "anti-(anti)nutrients". Excessive intake of this type of protein can reduce the digestive capacity of your cat and put a strain on cat’s body.

In contrast, various animal proteins provide the right type and proportion of amino acids that cats need.

Get to Know Superfood Quinoa
1. Quinoa was first grown for food 7,000 years ago in the Andes. The ancient Incas called it “the mother grain” and believed it was sacred.
2. Botanically speaking, it’s not a grain.
However, it’s often called a “pseudo-grain” because it’s similar in nutrients and eaten the same way as cereal grains.
3. There are over 3,000 varieties of quinoa. However, the most widely grown types are red, black and white.

In recent years, quinoa has attracted attention as "superfood" from all over the world.
In fact, the year 2013 was named “The International Year of Quinoa” by the UN because of its valuable qualities and potential to fight world hunger.

Benefits of the Superfood Quinoa for cats
1. Contains Lysine required by cats, which is lacking in most grains. It is one of the few plant foods that contains all nine essential amino acids.
2. Gluten-free (no allergies concern)
3. High natural plant fibers help hairball control.

It is rich in dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, richer in protein than many grains such as wheat, rice and barley, and has the wonderful characteristic of low GI.

There are several reasons of choosing Peruvian Quinoa.
■ Cultivation technology and quality
South American countries are the birthplace of red quinoa and has a cultivation history of over 1000 years.
They have over decades of experience in raw material (quinoa) processing, manufacturing process, low temperature drying technology, screening (sandstone etc.), which provide high and stable quality products.

■ Cultivation environment
Red quinoa from South America (Peru) is cultivated in high mountains 4000 meters above sea level. The natural geographical environment of South America provides the best condition for growing organic red quinoa.
It is difficult to secure such a location and environment in Taiwan, and when organic red quinoa is cultivated in Taiwan's farmland, which has a relatively small agricultural land area, it may be contaminated with pesticides from the neighboring farmland.

For the above reasons, Real Power uses red quinoa from South America (Peru).

*In terms of nutrition, there is not much difference between Peruvian red quinoa and Taiwanese one.
The biggest difference is shape and size. Peruvian red quinoa is round and large, while Taiwanese is relatively small.

The integration of the finest ingredients is one of the essential foundations of Real Power's formula.
We are committed to deliver high quality products that are reliable, not only the safety of each ingredient but also the attention to details.

Do you think that all fish have a fishy smell that cats prefer?

The answer is “No”!

Only fish with poor freshness and poor processing have a fishy smell.
Fresh fish which is just caught and is exposed in the air, if it not getting proper process or quick freezing with -35 °C, the organic compound “TMAO” in fish will react with bacteria then turns into “TMA”, which is the main reason of bad fishy smell!

Real Power uses whole fresh salmon.
It is caught by specific factory ship only can be found in North Europe and Alaska ocean area. These freshly caught fish are automatically cleaned on board. The salmon is then steamed, dried and ground to preserve the whole fresh salmon. These processes also serve the purpose of preventing Salmonella and Listeria infections. That’s the ideal and excellent raw material for Real Power all series of cat food, wholesome and have no fishy smell at the same time!

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