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REAL POWER is more than complete and balance among the major pet food and ingredients we have seen today, to be more specifically, it is holistic functional food, a new generation of nutrition. This is based on our “medical nutrition therapy”, similarly, human beings are increasingly replacing our medication with natural and nutritious food, to achieve a healthier goal, and this concept also facilitate the development in functional pet food.

Functional pet food is defined as “it provides specific health benefits on a regular consumption basis”, meanwhile, it also accelerates the recovery from inflammatory symptoms of the body. In the veterinary practice in Taiwan, functional pet food is able to replace many unnecessary medications, it is much less risky in compare with certain medicines but also beneficial to health condition at the same time.

Does your dog have any health problems? Diarrhea and loose stools? itching and recurrent skin allergies? recurrent shedding and skin rash? If so, you should consider dog foods that is made specifically to target the health problem and helping them to overcome.

Yet, there is no one-size-fits-all diet, we look at the pet problem individually to tweak the ratios in our formulas and take an overview on the complete wellness. Thus, healthy dogs and cats should be having a regular rotation of each formula to optimize the holistic health.


Today’s pet food, pet owners, pet shops are heavily influenced by trends, often ignored the actual needs of animal nutrition and many are not properly evidence-based. Whereas the functional pet food is based on the evidence of medical nutrition therapy to meet with the modern needs of pet food and nutrition-oriented.

Cats or dogs are born with immune problem or genetic problem to have allergic reaction to show inflammatory symptoms, many symptoms are likely to occur in cat and dog’s gastrointestinal, skin and coat systems. While these problems are often a lifelong problem for pet and owner, but we do not have an effective diagnosis and treatment in the modern veterinary practice.

When the allergen and food sensitivity are being diagnosed by veterinary, the pet and owner are probably going to take a lot of time and money, because every pet is an individual with different allergen. Owners should be aware to the risk of medicine side effects when using medicine to treat the skin diseases e.g. atopic dermatitis, pododermatitis., at the same time extensive flea control is required during the treatment, not to mention when it comes to recurrent allergic conditions. Before the diagnosis is confirmed, elimination diet is a strict and challenging process for most of the owners. Consequently, owners should always know this is not an easy thing to understand the exact allergen or food sensitivities that have been leading to series of pet problem.

Similarly, weather and environmental factors can also lead to atopic dermatitis and chronic skin diseases, and we should all know that there are many potential risks, e.g. contaminated food, water and by-products, inappropriate diet, obesity, malnutrition, overuse of drugs, vaccination, antibiotics, flea control, lack of exercise...etc. There are many unavoidable things we cannot prevent or just because we do not know. Therefore, all the points and trends we mentioned above facilitates the need of functional pet food nowadays.


Natural ingredients and nutritional supplements

Besides, REAL POWER avoids using any chemicals, meat by-products and artificial additives, all our foods are made with natural fresh meats and nutritional supplements to nurture pet’s daily needs. Not just the high proportion of animal protein, but also our nutritional supplements such as our deep-sea fish oil (USP verified), heat and acid resistant probiotics, multiple enzymes, collagen peptides and many other functional ingredients. All these ingredients in our formula are special design for our cats and dogs to achieve optimal health.

Immune Balance

Through the heat and acid resistant probiotics design and precise ratio of omega-3 & omega-6 (deep-sea fish oil), cat and dog’s immune mechanism is able to achieve immune balance, it can largely decrease the immune overreaction and antigen, also enhance the immune cell in their digestive system. The stronger the immune system, the better cat and dog can prevent from diseases and aging. This is the most distinctive differences of functional pet food and the other major pet foods on the market.

Immunity is the most emphasized care of all REAL POWER’s formula, this enables our pets to prevent long-term and recurrent diseases, for instance atopic dermatitis, sensitive stomach, bones & joints aging...etc. that have been problematic to both pets and owners for their whole lives. Medical nutrition therapy is the most important value of our functional food, as well as the design of our formulation.

Overall, through the collaboration of each various ingredients and nutrients, functional formula enables long-term health benefits to our beloved pets.


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