Functional food: Food with intentions

REAL POWER’s pet foods are always described as functional food.

But what exactly is functional food?

Functional food is a formulated diet that has additional usage nourished by new ingredients beyond basic elements. Some ingredients that are considered to be functional ingredients are prebiotic fibers, probiotics, and omega-3 fatty acids (DHA/EPA). Research has shown that functional food provides more health benefits, such as improved digestive health and skin quality.

Prebiotics and probiotics are known to have positive impacts on digestive health by helping food get completely digested so that excreted stools are in normal condition. Normal stools should be moist and form and moderate smell. Omega-3 fatty acids and hydrolyzed lecithin are also known to improve hair and skin health. They can also help mitigate inflammation and allergy.

There are many ingredients that are considered to be functional, it is best to look for functional ingredients in your pets' food to give your pet the best health and lifestyle.

Functional food: Not only just satiated, but also healthy!

With REAL POWER, our pet food offers special nutrients that nurture daily maintenance and even more, relieve several problematic health issues.


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