• Cats : Past and Present

    Cats : Past and Present

    Although bearing great resemblance to the wild cats, their ancestors, modern cats are not all alike to their ancestors. Besides some minor physical differences, modern cats and wild cats are distinct in their lifestyles. Wild cats are required to hunt for their prey in the wild, which requires a tremendous amount of energy exertion. Contrarily, modern cats mostly live close to humans in urban...
  • Dogs : Past and Present

    Dogs : Past and Present

    Dogs evolved from and are direct descendants of wolves, but dogs’ dietary requirements are different from those of the wolves.Inherently, wolves are carnivores, so their diet should consist mainly of animal meats. Dogs, on the other hand, have evolved and adapted to the contemporary living environment such that their diet should not consist primarily of animal meat. Contemporarily, dogs are not as active as...
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