Cats : Past and Present

Although bearing great resemblance to the wild cats, their ancestors, modern cats are not all alike to their ancestors. Besides some minor physical differences, modern cats and wild cats are distinct in their lifestyles.

Wild cats are required to hunt for their prey in the wild, which requires a tremendous amount of energy exertion. Contrarily, modern cats mostly live close to humans in urban areas, so they do not need to actively hunt for prey and mostly live a sedentary lifestyle. Hence, the dietary requirements of wild and domestic cats are different.

Domestic cats will thrive on a comprehensive, calculated diet that includes fresh meat, vitamins, grains, etc. Therefore, Real Nature creates balanced cat food formulas that accommodate to domestic cats’ lifestyle.


If cats and dogs do not receive the right proportion of nutrition, their bodies may suffer from adverse consequences or ailments. For instance, ingesting an excessive amount of protein may be a burden to the liver. Eating an excess of any food or nutrients, no matter how beneficial they are, will cause a burden to the body or turn into excess waste.The key to the wholesome dogs’ and cats’ dietary requirements is an ideal proportion of every nutrient.

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