Dogs : Past and Present

Dogs evolved from and are direct descendants of wolves, but dogs’ dietary requirements are different from those of the wolves.Inherently, wolves are carnivores, so their diet should consist mainly of animal meats. Dogs, on the other hand, have evolved and adapted to the contemporary living environment such that their diet should not consist primarily of animal meat.

Contemporarily, dogs are not as active as their ancestors and they do not need to consistently hunt for animals. Dogs, since domesticated, have also been fed with several other types of food by humans. Therefore, dogs’ bodies have evolved to process different sources of food and advanced to expect an integrated diet that does not consist only of animal meat.

To fulfill the nutritional requirements of dogs, their diet should incorporate protein, carbohydrates, multi-vitamins, fat, etc. Real Nature comprehends that not only are dogs and wolves physically different, but their nutritional needs are also different, so we create food formulas that will fulfill dogs’ wishes.


If cats and dogs do not receive the right proportion of nutrition, their bodies may suffer from adverse consequences or ailments. For instance, ingesting an excessive amount of protein may be a burden to the liver. Eating an excess of any food or nutrients, no matter how beneficial they are, will cause a burden to the body or turn into excess waste. The key to the wholesome dogs’ and cats’ dietary requirements is an ideal proportion of every nutrient.

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