4 Simple Steps to Check Your Puppy’s Health

Is your puppy developing appropriately?

Puppies especially vulnerable newborn puppies require high attentive care.

These are 4 tips for you to check your puppies’ healthy growth!

1. Stable weight increase

Weight increase can be an important indicator of a puppy’s health. A healthy newborn puppy should gain 5 to 10 percent of its birth weight each day in its first few weeks. If the puppy’s weight is not increasing steadily, this may be a sign of nutrition deficiency that needs extra care to be given on the puppy’s eating behavior. You may provide more frequent meals with a lesser amount on each meal.

Another related point is to check the puppy’s stool condition. If the puppy often experiences loose stool, it may be an indication of intestinal or diet problems.You may need to choose a suitable food for the puppy to grow healthily without any illness problems.

2. Newborn puppies' whimpers

Newborn puppies spend the majority of their time either sleeping or eating. This means that owners should rarely hear them cry or whimper. Continual whimpering and crying may be a sign that the puppy is experiencing discomfort and pain such as overheating or becoming ill. Whimpers can also signify that they are hungry.

3. Proper Development of the Spine and Head

Be sure to check for any birth defects or physical abnormalities along the puppy’s body. It is essential to identify any physical irregularities because these irregularities may deter the puppy from proper growth and development.

Lightly touch the spine and head of the puppy to detect any abnormalities. Immediately take the puppy to a vet for proper treatment if there seems to be any malformation on the body.

4. Observe any Nose Issues when Drinking

Check to see if water comes out of the puppy’s nose when it is drinking water. If water is coming out of its nose, it may be an indication that the puppy has a congenital upper cleft palate. Take the puppy to a vet as soon as possible.

*Take the puppy to a vet for a checkup as deemed necessary.


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