Hydrolyzed Protein As Main Solution for Allergies

Not a few pets have problems with allergies that cause skin disease such as itches and bumps with unbearable feeling to be scratch till it bleeds. Allergy seems to be a simple problem, but if it is not solved, allergies can turn into more serious sickness to the pets. Allergies can be caused by many reasons, such as pollution, unhealthy environment, bacteria, diets, etc.

However, most allergies likely arise from diets. Most allergies that are caused by diet usually are not because your pets are intolerant of certain kind of meat, but because of its large protein molecule that is considered as a harmful molecule by the body. For this reason, it is better to give diets with hydrolyzed protein. 

Hydrolyzed protein is a protein that had gone through a hydrolysis process; a process that breaks large molecules into smaller molecules so that nutrients (or protein) can be easily absorbed by the body. 

You might have heard of hydrolyzed protein in protein powder for fitness people. Most of the effective protein powder always has a hydrolyzed protein, so that the protein can be absorbed completely and it will give the best result to the fitness people.  

The same goes for our pets. Dogs and cats have a short intestine and fast digestion system. Protein that goes in without undergoing the hydrolysis process has a risk the body cannot accept unfamiliar things.However, even if the body can accept it, it will require the intestine to break down the large molecule protein for absorption. This will cause a digestive burden and the food will not get digested comprehensively. In the end, it will cause allergies. 

Therefore, hydrolyzed protein may be the best option to avoid allergies and also give the best high absorption protein for body development.


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